Review of Moz SEO Tools

There are so many SEO companies out there all offering what they claim to be the best and most up to date tools on the market that sometimes it can be difficult to decide who to pick!


But for excellence of service and competitive pricing – a 30 day free trial period and then just $99 per month – small to medium sized companies would do well to look towards Moz for the latest and most state of the art SEO services.

Moz started out as a Search Engine Optimization consultancy firm in 2004, moved into software development in 2007, and is now one of the most widely consulted and respected companies renowned for its high quality management software, analytics and SEO tools, even among some top SEO professionals.

The Moz Package

Moz’s regular subscription package is called “Moz Pro” and at just $99 per month (following a 30 day free trial) offers just about all that most companies would ever need for excellent SEO – both new firms starting out and others looking for ongoing SEO maintenance.

Moz Pro is comprised of five important on-site and external SEO tools, namely:

1 Fresh Web Explorer

The fresh web explorer tool is a great way to find out what your competitors are writing about, what users like to read about, and what topics you could include in your own site to improve traffic and conversions. It will help you to see new linking opportunities and to fine tune your content so that it is highly relevant and appealing and entices others to link to you.

2 Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a very popular way to track your SE ranking according to different keywords so that you can compare between sites and verify whether your efforts to improve traffic and conversions is making headway. You can also sign up for email notifications to inform you when there are changes in ranking positions that affect your site.

3 Page Grader

This tool analyses your keywords on each page and suggests ways to improve each pages SEO in order to rank higher.

4 Keyword Complexity

Basically this tool shows you what you are up against by analyzing how the keywords of your top ten competitor sites rank. This can help you save time and not waste money on trying to compete with overused keywords that are the mainstay of companies with larger marketing budgets than you have at your disposal. Instead it might be worth your while to work in variations on the keyword and adopt these as longer-tail keywords into your page titles. Or go with synonyms.

5 Crawl Test

Crawl test will crawl your site and analyze whether and why there are any problems that may be preventing your site from being indexed correctly, as well as scanning as many as 3,000 links to and from your site. You get two crawl tests per day per account.

These five tools are very easy to use, even for relative newcomers to SEO. But bear in mind that the point about using all of these tools is that they are only work to improve your SEO if you actually follow the recommendations and keep following up and tweaking until you achieve the ranking you are looking for.

Plus you get free you of a whole bunch of other useful (though limited access) tools that can further boost your SEO efforts. For example:

Open Site Explorer

The more sites, forums, blogs, etc, that link to your site the better, so long as they are highly relevant, good quality, well established, and genuine. The Open Site Explorer tool analyses those sites that are linking to both yours and your competition and clarifies which links the search engines have indexed.


This powerful tool allows you to find out more about the people who follow both yours and your competition’s Twitter accounts so that you can tweak your content to appeal to your followers and attract other like-minded by different sectors to your niche.


This plug-in works with both Chrome and Firefox to analyze on-page SEO whilst online, enabling you to view social metrics, detailed statistics, page overlay and keyword difficulty analysis and much more.

Moz Local

Great tool but only available in the US. This allows you to see how your business ranks in Google + local listings and provides useful information to help you improve your rating.


Good tool for tracking how specific keywords and phrases rank on a day-by-day basis.

All in all, if Moz Pro is an excellent, affordable tool that can assist you in tracking the performance of your SEO improvement efforts, let you know how you are doing in terms of competing sites, and provide you with insights into what else you can do to get your site to rank higher.

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