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Google has lately been investing a lot of time and effort in pushing YouTube as a marketing tool.

At first, we were skeptical and assumed it was just another money-grabbing project. However, after analysis and consideration we can clearly see the merit.

YouTube ads may not be for everyone, but as a small, medium, or large sized business you should certainly consider the benefits.



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YouTube for SEO:

If you have already partnered with a good Search Engine Optimization firm you are already experiencing an increase in SERPs and traffic. Likely your largest obstacle are your time-on-page and bounce rate. Videos are – by nature – attractive and enticing. Embedding a YouTube video onto your home page, landing page, or service page is a tested and proven way to improve engagement. A visitor who watches your video will certainly stay longer. A visitor who spends quality time with your website is a strong signal to Google that your website was the correct option to present in search results, making it far more likely that you will appear again for the next searcher.

Google for SEM / Ads

Google search, Google Content Network, ReMarketing, Google Shopping, and YouTube ads are all managed through a central Ads account. YouTube share common functions with the rest of Google’s lineup of products.

You – as a SMB or enterprise business – have a product or service.

You – as a SMB or enterprise business – have a value proposition

You – as a SMB or enterprise business – have a target audience.

YouTube allows you to accurately place your message in front of your target audience. The pay-per-view function is fantastic for raising brand awareness. Many people are still unaware, but there is no charge for pre-roll (the videos that play before the videos you wanted to watch) videos, unless you watch for 15 seconds, or the entire video. This means, if you time your messaging right, that you can receive tons of free exposure and remain top of mind for the audience that may want to work with you later on.

YouTube for Sales

The most common question we receive is “Is YouTube a direct sales tool?”. The answer is “well, kind o”’. Google search is the most direct sales tool. Customers are searching for a product or service, find it, and spend. YouTube viewers do not behave like this. However, consider the following scenario. You are a homeowner and need to fix your roof. You have tools, you’ve fixed things before, you can probably re-shingle a roof. But first, you’ll watch a “How To’ video on YouTube to be prepared. As a viewer, you can see how difficult some of the tasks are, how expensive some of the new tools are that you will have to buy, and perhaps more complications than you originally expected. By the end of the video you will have decided that it’s cheaper, faster, and better quality results to hire a professional. Since you’ve just watched the video, you will likely give first consideration to the company who published the video.

This is just one example of potential millions of ways to leverage the power of video. To fully understand how to communicate with your audience, and what type of video to produce and publish for your company it’s important to first understand who is on YouTube, and what they are doing there.

The statistics:

Younger viewers connect more strongly with YouTube and other digital-native content because it feels more real than what’s produced for TV, Defy Media president Keith Richman said. “Digital video is not as canned — it makes millennials feel better about who they are,” he said.

YouTube reaches 77% of Canadian web users, online video overall reaches 89%. Almost 2.5B YouTube videos are viewed per month with average viewer spends nearly 3.5 hrs viewing 100+ videos.

Video viewing shifts away from traditional TV toward digital, on-demand formats. More hours counted for online/DVR consumption (19) than live television viewing (14).

YouTube reaches almost as many viewers (21M) as the Top 10 regularly-scheduled TV programs combined: Amazing Race Canada, Big Bang Theory, Gotham, The Flash, NCIS: New Orleans, How to Get Away with Murder, Masterchef, Amazing Race 24/25, Grey’s Anatomy.



Choice-based marketing wins:

People who choose to watch a video ad are 75% more engaged than those who are forced to watch.

“If you drop the idea of ambushing people’s attention… and instead ask them to view by invitation, you can share an idea,”

– Chris Anderson, Curator, TED



Final Insight

Considering other mediums – Television, Radio, Print, etc. – audiences appear to be destracted. With YouTube, however, audience members are actually paying attention. They genuinely care about the content they are consuming. Isn’t that the point of advertising, to get your audience to pay attention?

There are many ways to gain traffic. However, website visits are merely 1 piece of the puzzle. For a truly comprehensive digital marketing strategy, advertisers must accurately convey to their audience who they are and what the benefits of working with them are. YouTube just may be the perfect platform to achieve this. If you have something

By Ryan Judd, Wisdek

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