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Give consumers everything they need to know to choose your business. Organic traffic is by far the least expensive source of traffic and new business. It also offers the highest conversion rates when compared to other sources. Choose our SEO Services to achieve high organic traffic for your Website.

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Double presence on Google maps and Google Search helps to find your website in a specific area or by keyword search.

Local Branding

Ranking high in organic search above your competitors acquires more business inquiries and sales.

Website Authority

Higher SEO placement in Google search results establishes you as a leader in your industry, market and category.

Low & Fixed Costs

Established SEO campaigns are 4-5 times cheaper than Sponsored (PPC) alternatives.

Our SEO Services

At Wisdek we are known as a leading SEO provider in Toronto and understand that your business may desire both local to global Quality traffic and outreach. We strive to give consumers multiple avenues to find your business. If you are looking for a Toronto Based SEO Company to find traffic locally or across the world we can meet  your unique needs while keeping in mind Organic traffic is the most cost efficient source for traffic and qualified business.

Every website is unique, so all our SEO services are custom with some preset components. Click here to compare SEO features and process in details.

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As pioneers of internet marketing and organic search engine optimization, we know how to get a website rank better in organic search, while following major search engine’s guidelines – after all, we wouldn’t have survived since 1998, if we did not know what we were doing. We are always ahead of the curve by constantly evaluating search results, and tweaking deliverables, ensuring better rankings for you – our client

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Wisdek provides a variety of solutions to both creative agencies and end users, bringing more traffic month-after-month while saving countless marketing dollars.

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Understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process sets effective SEO campaign.

Gone are the days when an internet marketing agency could design few SEO packages and apply it to all of their clients. The process of organic optimization has evolved significantly within the last 4 years, starting from penalties for over optimization to release of artificial intelligence algorithm that learns from user experience of search results, and constantly tweaks them. Because of these changes, our process to providing SEO services has undergone a major transformation

We start by evaluating the industry, geographical area and target audience and come up with a list of phrases that would generate targeted traffic. We then evaluate competition who are ranked well for those selected keywords and compare our client’s website in order to identify areas of improvement, starting with on-site parameters such as content, meta tags, image alt tags, rich snippets, heading tags and overall keyword density. We then analyze well ranked competitors’ backlink profiles, social signals and other digital footprint parameters. Once evaluation work had been completed, our team of SEO technicians identify areas that need improvement.

In most cases, the first month work will involve extensive changes to meta tags, content additions/adjustments and other on-site parameters adjustments. We may also recommend tweaks to layout of a website, aiming to boost conversion rates. We also perform page speed load tests on official Google tool to ensure optimal delivery of website to clients, without any delays. Page speed optimization is a parameter that tracks user experience – the higher the score, the better the user experience, the better the rankings.

In most cases, off-site work will also be done during the first month of SEO services. We typically start with evaluation of existing backlinks, to ensure there aren’t any backlinks that could potentially do more harm than good. We then design a strategy, specific to the industry and proceed with the work. Off-site SEO deliverables may include links from authoritative blogs, press releases, social bookmarks, social shares and other ways of building backlinks, while following Google’s criteria


Keyword selection sets targeting of SEO campaign. Your website will be ranked and found by keywords we select at this stage.


We make your website compliant wth Google Search Algorithm. We just make it "Google friendly".


Same as in the "offline" world, "word of mouth" is needed to attract attention and increase number and quality of inbound references.


Ranking improvement reports and service completion reports provide clarity and tools to measure your SEO performance.

SEO Experts

Andrew Salmon

Andrew Salmon

SEO Copywriting

Farid Najafov

Farid Najafov

SEO Management

Dimitri Konchin

Dimitri Konchin

SEO Management

Chaitanya Khanna

Chaitanya Khanna

SEO Management


As a small or medium sized business owner, it’s absolutely critical that you partner with an Agency that understands your needs. You need accurate expectations, hard work, accountability, and a reasonable cost.

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

I want a trusted company, how long has Wisdek been in Business?

Wisdek has been a trusted source of Online Marketing since 1998. Locally we have been providing SEO in Toronto to thousands of business looking to grow organically and target qualified traffic to their websites. Since our commencement into the world of online marketing, we have attained Premier Google Partnership status and A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Does my business really need Search Engine Optimization?

The short answer is YES. Every website needs to be optimized for search engines. Some require a light treatment for Branding, while others regard organic traffic as their primary source of new business.

Do you offer Customer Service and Technical Support?

Wisdek is a global company with several offices around the world. We offer day and night customer service and technical support, regardless of your location and time of a day.

Do you offer Customer Service and Technical Support?

Wisdek is a global company with several offices around the world. We offer day and night customer service and technical support, regardless of your location and time of a day.

Do your offer Social Media Services?

Yes, Since it is now a part of Google's search algorithm we will include social media services as needed for your SEO campaign.

Do your services include both on-page & off-page SEO?

Yes, We pay equal attention to both onsite and offsite factors to ensure that your site is covered for all aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

Do your conduct Website Speed Optimization?

Yes, Speed of your website provides user experience and thus is very important in ranking algorithms.

If the price is right? How do I know what’s real?

Think about the amount of work involved. There is coding, account setups, copy writing, data analysis, and so much more that goes into SEO. If someone is charging $150/month, what are they really doing? If they are charging thousands, are they really working hard enough to justify the cost? The appropriate amount to invest entirely depends on how competitive your industry is, what your goals are, and how much work is required to reach them.

Are you White Hat?

Our optimization strategies, techniques and tactics focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

Can you optimize a website under Google Penalty?

Client often come to us from other providers with very serious penalties. Even in extreme situations, recovery can be achieved.

Do you also optimize websites for Bing and Yahoo?

Our services focus mainly on Google SERPs due to its share of all searches, but we also pay attention to other search engines.

How can I be sure my website is optimized for optimum keywords?

While there are many tools that help us discover related keywords and provide estimated number of searches, We also go one step further by constantly estimating and reevaluating your keywords based on Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics data.

Do you conduct market research for SEO?

Market research is very important to start your targeted SEO campaign. Without market research a lot of efforts and time can be wasted. We start with market research to ensure your goals would be met.

Do you offersearch engine friendly web design?

In some cases, when architecture or a site is outdated or customers do now own the site we offer cost effective WordPress web design. In our view WP is the best platform for a small business website owner.

How do I measure results?

There are 3 main components to measure; Search Engine Rank Positions (SERPs), overall traffic growth, and conversions. SERPs are tracked through a 24/7 cloud based system and overall traffic is tracked through Google Analytics. Conversions, however, completely depend on what you consider to be a conversion. This would have to be discussed.

How long should it take to see results?

The average time to get some authority and keyword ranking in Google Search Results is 4 to 6 months. However, there are many things to consider such as algorithmic penalties, current standings, structure among 200 other parameters. Our consultants can review the entire scope of work and provide a better estimate.

Does your SEO include Mobile Optimization services?

Absolutely. Mobile SEO is a very important in Google's view as it is focused on making mobile search experiences better to the end user, thus your website ranking is
dependent on how your mobile version of the site performs.

How are your SEO Services Guaranteed?

We provide month over month Organic Traffic and/or Keyword Ranking Improvement.

Do I need to provide access to my website?

Yes, access is required. Usually access consists of two things. Access to tour CMS and ftp. This is required to tweak all website parameters.

Is my Website Secure?

We take website security seriously. We will provide security suggestions to our customers. Additional costs might be applied.

I am still unsure. Do you have trustworthy Testimonials?

We have many testimonials from our clients on our website. They are all verifiable. Upon a request we can also provide references.