SEO for Small Hotels and B&Bs in Canada: 5 Tips

Search Engine Optimization is growing the buyers or payers by utilizing powerful of the online landscape. It’s a way of increasing conversions by optimization the websites for search engine queries. Higher site rank on the search engine result pages is helpful for the businesses in growing and fast-pacing their revenue.

SEO for small Hotels and B&Ss, along with other hospitality business, matter a lot. As the buyers i.e. guests are not the natives, there are high chances of them to explore over the internet to find the right place to stay when we are talking about the hotels. So, if you are doing the SEO correctly, there are high probabilities that you get more booking requests than ever. The reason is – no one scroll beyond the first page, at least 98% people don’t.

So, the problem is all about how to take care of the SEO for Small Hotels and B&Bs, right?

Well. That’s pretty simple. Here are the 5 tips which you should follow in order to get top rank on the major search engines –

  1. A Simple, Optimized Website with Great Visuals will do the Magic

A modish website with sleek appearance and catchy visuals create a great impact in the hospitality business. Great content and proper information on the website will finally direct people to confirm bookings. If your website is optimized for loading, your page rank determination will be affected positively. For this, the efforts should be made to optimize the website code.

Try custom-made themes as they don’t have the unnecessary components and hence load faster. The next optimization tactics can be followed for the Meta titles, Meta descriptions, page title, alt tags, keywords, and images. The main titles and descriptions should contain the major keywords.

Finally, images and videos are of utter importance. Place load-optimized but high-quality images to attract your visitors to your business.

  1. Quality content, considering the intent and interests of users

If your website is content-deficit, no SEO specialist can help you in gaining the higher ranks on the best search engines like Google. When search engines will not have anything to display through SERP, what will reflect in searches?

So, put captivating content will your audience considers worth reading. Keep the posts or website content fresh and relevant to your business. If you will post useful content frequently, you’ll actually recall the old visitors and invite the new visitors to use your services.

  1. Understand the Importance of Inbound Marketing

The credibility increases as the inbound links increase for your website. So, try earning such links by partnering the local agents, travel websites, travel bloggers, tourism experts. Ask or encourage them to reference your hotel or property on their websites ob blogs. These links, as they look legit, are more valuable and helpful than other non-industrial and random links.

Link building and backlinks can also help you effectively in building a recognizable repute in the online space. You can also use the content and infographics for the promotional purposes by letting them show up on the travel blogs where audience is more interested in reading or viewing such information. The back-link you’ll earn in return will be precious and conversion-dragging for sure.

  1. Keywords and Mobile Optimization

Location-based keywords and industry-based keywords should be given priority. If you want your site being ranked for some specific keywords, then post frequently about the same. Instead of stuffing the keywords, it will be better to post more and valuable content with includes the desired keywords. Running a blog for your website can influence the search engines will more content while retaining the readers as well.

Mobile optimization is done for the user experience and speed on the mobile devices. If your website is mobile-ready and can be rendered flawlessly on mobile screens, it will be prioritized by the search engines also.

  1. Involve reviews, Directory Listing, and OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to make the most out of it

For the small hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, tourism agencies and all the hospitality-related businesses, reviews work like a charm. So, encourage your guests to leave positive reviews about the rooms, services, staff and locality. The online visitors are definitely influenced by the reviews they see while searching. So, good reviews can ensure your growth by letting you earn the trust and attention as needed.

Just as user reviews, expert reviews and listing in the famous hotel directories online can bring more customers to your hotel business. Similarly, business listings for Google Places, TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc will result in the same effect. Not only human, these directories make the search engines believe about the credibility of your website.

OTAs or Online Travel Agents, on the other side, are important for maintaining your online brand reputation. The branded searches affect the search engines and encourage them to push up the site rank as the valuable searches are being made for the search engine. Additionally, you may try the online billboards, namely,, Trivago, etc., to increase the traffic.

SEO is very useful for the hotel business and hospitality business owners as it increases the site traffic and hence the booking requests and revenue. But at the end, you cannot forget to maintain a good quality of services as it affects your buyers and further purchases.

Are you in hospitality business? What do you think about the SEO for small hotels and B&Bs? Is there anything we forgot to explain in the post? Let us know by commenting below.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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