An SEO Wizard’s Bag of Tricks: Things to Do in 2018

Despite being around for a long time now, SEO remains to be a complex subject for a majority of people. SEO is almost like wizardry, for those who are unaware of how Google works. It is almost like magical trick that certain people excel so as to use Google into favoring the particular site in question, rather than competitive sites.

These individuals, who handle the SEO needs of the websites are often termed as ‘wizards’. In fact, Rand Fishkin, one of the most well known SEO expert claimed himself to be the ‘Wizard of MOZ’.

So, are you willing to become an SEO wizard too?

The art is best excelled in learning and practicing. SEO is a rather challenging art that gets tougher as you get better. You’ll be compelled to learn faster and work smarter with many things tending to hinder your progress.

SEO cannot be learnt at once, you have to be open to learning new tricks and tips all the time.

For you to be better prepared for the year to come, here is a 2018 SEO spellbook that will help improve your organic reach.


Powerful Content Campaigns, Designed for Specific Users

While the Internet is already flooded, Google still wants more useful content, and so do the users. Research says that average word count per article continually increases, as longer content tends to perform better in search results. The need of paid promotion of your content as well as for visual content have has significantly increased in the near past.

Content earns traffic as well as loyalty for most businesses, and the more regular the content, the more likely are users to trust your blog thus leading to increased traffic.

Smart and powerful content, optimized for your site, should then bring fresh leads to your site. You however need to adopt an approach that will ensure success thus bringing you to the 10x content concept. You thus need to create content that is 10 times better than what is available on the content for the same keywords in order to gain high ranking and more traffic on your content.

-10x content/skyscraper

Well optimized authority content that answers certain burning queries in the industry, often seen to generate 6 times more traffic than normal articles

-Link-earning content

Evergreen, user-friendly content which is well optimized, like case studies, research papers, statistics etc that generates links from various websites.

-Link Building content

As explained in a following segment of the post

-Easy win content

Content designed specifically around relevant long tail keywords, covering lower difficulty themes and topics

Persona+use formula

Well optimized content for users who are familiar with the service or brand and are now assessing the value of investing in the product

Potentially viral content

Popular topics dealt with a different and interesting approach such that users tend to share the content and talk about it.

Earn and Build Links (No, It’s Not the Same Thing)

In 2018, link building will be incredibly important to your SEO strategy. 10x content or expertise in the department wont matter as much in incoming links, and much effort will be needed for link building to ensure success.

Link building and link earning are different, though similar in certain aspects, and both just as important in your SEO strategy. While 10x content on your blog may earn you quality links, it will still require you to put efforts in promotion. To climb to the top of Google’s SERP, specially when you do not have a high domain authority, just having the best piece of content isn’t enough. A quality piece of content, is likely to earn 30-80 links organically, depending on the niche. However, in order to outspace bigger names, you will require more authority.

While manually building links has gained bad reputation in some marketing circles, it is still an intelligent strategy to follow to drive traffic to your website. However, your link building efforts should be aimed specifically to building the brand’s authority in the niche. Instead of simply looking for best websites, it is more important to find websites relevant to your business to increase your site’s organic search rankings as well as to gain quality visitors and loyal customers. Thus your effort should direct to improving exposure without hampering the brand image.


Re-optimize Your Existing Content

Before making expenditure on newer content, try to work a better way with the content you already have. All content has the potential, and re-optimizing may help you discover the potential in your content.

Assort in three groups the pages that you believe have more potential in bringing quality traffic to your website

Low-performing pages targeting highly competitive keywords

Blogposts that cover significant topics but have gotten outdated

Content rich pages that you think should earn you links but don’t because of bad UI and UX.

Once identified, you should work on improving and transforming those pages for better performance.


Make Use of Google’s Rich Answer Box

Google displays an Answer box for quick replies to any search queries on the top of the page. A snippet must instantly put an end to your query for users who lack the time and patience to go through multiple pages for information.

Google Rich Answers are extremely user friendly, making them grab user’s attention immediately, and you do not want your competitor’s content to be displayed there.

Wondering what’s the trick to get featured in this box? Here is how:

-Implement a schema markup code

-Structure data properly

-Create 10x content in response to a certain query

-Create Wikipedia pages

-Get listed on Google Maps and Google+

-Use Google Search Console to re-crawl your pages.


Mobile First Index

Google has announced of rolling out a mobile-first index update. Even for searches performed via desktop computers, the result would still be listed on calculation based on mobile version of the content.

With over 50% traffic coming from mobile devices, it is essential for Google to include websites with better mobile responsiveness. To keep your positions for desired keywords in Google’s SERP, the mobile version needs to be just as optimized. Here is how to overcome the odds :

-Use a responsive website : It is important to understand the difference between Mobile Friendly and responsive websites and have both integrated in your website.

-Optimize your content for mobile: It is essential to use shorter sentences and smaller paragraphs to ensure the content looks as presentable on mobile as it does on desktop. It is hence important that the information is equally delivered to a mobile user as it is to a desktop user in terms of images, videos and text content.

Don’t forget voice search: In your mobile-focused effort, voice search can up the game with the growing number of voice submitted queries that influence all types of search.

The key rule for SEO thus is to adjust your strategies for User Experience and Google’s likings and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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