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These days, it feels like wherever you go, everyone is using a Smartphone.

It’s not just young “tech-savvy” people either. Today, more than half of all Canadians are Smartphone users, and for the first time ever, more people in Canada are using their smart phones rather than their “land line” or other mobile devices to communicate.

The good news: you can reach your customers via Smartphone whenever they are on the go. Even better, you can direct them to your online properties when they’re standing there in front of you at your place of business—using QR codes.

What is a QR code?
These strange looking squares are now popping up everywhere and there’s a good chance that you’ve seen them around in magazines, direct mail pieces, point of sale materials and on the streets.

They are computer generated images that are used as a shortcut to connect customers directly with websites or review sites, such as Google+ and Yelp, without having to type in a URL into an internet browser. When you see one, all you have to do is scan it with your Smartphone and it will connect you directly with the intended online location.

Wisdek reviews why your business would want to use QR codes
They make your information more accessible, marketing communications more sophisticated, and allow for greater control when directing smartphone users to your landing pages. Bypass the Google Search where your customers could get distracted and avoid wasting your PPC budget, you can beat the system. Visitors from QR codes are free, and they pull people from the outside world in, allowing you to showcase specific digital marketing materials in real time.

Think about all the stuff you’re already doing online—whether it’s Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, local deals, or event registration. The ways to promote your business are endless and there are even more affordable and convenient ways to drive results to your site.

QR codes will help you:

• Send end users to a survey or directory (Google+, Yelp, Hot Frog) to review your business. Generate more positive reviews, fast!

• Capture and update contact information

• Show off a new video

• Offer a downloadable coupon to drive and track new business = ROI!

• Connect them to your Facebook to help create a larger following

• Share massive amounts of information like a catalog or user manual (without killing trees).

But more importantly, QR codes are effective! They give you the opportunity to get your consumers to act now and connect instantly.

 Where can you put a QR Code?

1. Print Advertising- Many retailers and service providers are using QR Codes to further engage their target market. QR Codes can be displayed on point of sale posters, flyers, in bill folds, television commercials, billboards and more to help viewers learn more and engage with your brand online.

2. Citation Materials- One of the toughest things to do is ask for reviews for your Google+ Local Page or directory profiles. You can easily direct clients with smart phones to the review section by adding QR codes to your marketing materials in strategic locations.

3. On Your Website- As QR Codes become more common, users will expect them on your site. If you place a QR Code on your website that includes contact information for your restaurant, you’re giving your potential customer the means to scan your website and save your data for a later contact. Your information is instantly available at their fingertips rather than having to physically input your name and phone number – a very daunting task for most customers. They can bookmark you on their phones!

4. Business Cards- By placing a QR Code onto your business card, the receiver will have an easy way to enter your contact information into their phone. Furthermore, your business card can contain rich content simply not possible on paper.

How does Wisdek use QR Codes?
Asking people to “like” you on Facebook or “follow” you on Twitter is a great idea, but are you making it easy for them to do it? Some consumers will take the time to search for your business, but the majority of them look for the easy way out.

From the help of Wisdek reviews from your clients, as well as their interaction with your company through social media can now become easier, as we can provide you with QR codes. QR codes can enable your clients to easily access your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and top star-rated review sites.

If you’re looking to promote your business to local markets and convert more smartphone users into tangible walk-in traffic to your establishment, consider the value of QR codes. They are versatile, but when applied to reputation management and review generation in particular, they become essential tools for online success. They enable you to send happy customers to review your business with ease. Online reviews are one of the most prevalent factors in consumer’s decision making process. QR codes help you to manage that process with more control.

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