community based advertising

The Right Message For The Right Audience

Target new audiences based on their interests and location by letting them discover your brand, products or services.

More Traffic. More Leads.

Ads on Social Networks is a powerful addition to your PPC or/and SEO campaign.

Lower Cost Per Acquisition

Social Ads are cheaper and can be more effective than PPC or SEO for specific business types.

Smart Targeting

Just tell us who your regular customers are and we can direct our efforts to target prospects with similar interests.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can benefit any business: small service provider who is looking for more phone calls or website inquiries,
entertainer attracting visitors to his event or branding for large corporations.

Social Media Paid Ads

Instant placement of your Social Ad on paid platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter:

  • Social Media accounts setup or upgrades
  • Ad creative development: content, graphics, collages and videos
  • Paid campaign set-up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Landing page optimization and development
  • Campaign management and ROI tracking

Instant Placement

Lead Generation


Social Media Content Management

Your customers are using social media on a daily basis. We help you to remain connected with them and grow your audience.

Content creation & updates of your Social Media profiles:

  • Social Media accounts setup or upgrade
  • Ad creative development: blogs, graphics, collages and videos
  • Ongoing content updates on all social media profiles
  • Management and ROI tracking

Get more Likes and Subscribers

Great for branding


Get More Business

Run graphical or video ads or promotions to the potential buyers.

Target New Communities

Don’t have many friends? It’s okay! We connect you with social media communities interested in your industry.

Grow Website Traffic

Special offers on social media attracts new customers to your website to learn more.

Build Brand Recognition

Let your targeted audience know about your products, services or special offers and let them familiarise with your brand.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Good reviews and sharable content helps people recommend you to their friends!

Gain Consumer Insights

Review comments, opinions and feedback on your social media platforms. Use it to enhance your company offerings.

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We Recommend to Read These Q & A's

Can I really get leads from social media?

Yes, but sometimes indirectly. Many visitors to your Social Media profiles have already engaged with your company, and they are coming to your Social profiles to help them with their decision making process. Direct leads come from word of mouth. Visitors who first engage with your brand on social media will see what others are saying which generates a strong interest.

Is Social Media marketing included in my SEO campaign?

Search Engine Optimization requires content for relevancy and visitors for user experience. Wisdek believes that social media facilities this and makes sure to include a healthy dose in every organic campaign. However, our Social Media Packages go well above and beyond standard organic goals.

What does a blog have to do with Social Media?

Your blog posts are specifically designed to educate your visitors and to enhance their user experience. It’s only natural to circulate this information across social media for better results.


Social media allows you to demonstrate your expertise, spread brand awareness, and stimulate word of mouth. The first step is to determine which combination will best compliment your overall marketing strategy.


We will work with you to craft the right combination of visuals, calls to action, and community management to hit all of your business goals.


Each Social Media platform has a unique demographic and a unique purpose. We will consider your goals and match them with the appropriate message and platform.


Once your community and communication has been established, we can extend your reach to include more people for greater brand awareness and more word of mouth business.