Stay Ahead of the Game! Jumpstart Your Mobile Advertising Campaign with Wisdek Corp.

Amid widespread concerns that mobile advertising is ineffective and invaluable, Wisdek Corp. is attempting to prove the cynics wrong. Studies completed by Facebook and Google reveal how mobile ads are producing more clicks and revenues than desktop ads. In June of 2012, Forbes reported that T-Mobile was able to attract 162,000 people to their website in just one month after embarking on their Google mobile ad campaign in 2011.

Mobile advertisers across the world are set to realize the potential of mobile advertising and tap into a landmark 1.7 billion smartphone user market in 2015, two times greater than the market in 2011. This development is precipitated by the rise of smartphone ownership and mobile internet users since 2008.

Mobile connectivity not only enables people to connect to the Internet via a cellular phone, PDA, or other mobile devices, but also combines the different channels of communication into one simple, effective medium.

“Last year Media Life Magazine reported a surge in mobile advertising by approximately 150%, going from $600 million in 2010 to $1.6 billion in 2011,” says Eran Hurvitz, VP of Sales. “Those numbers are set to shoot past the $2 billion mark in 2012, and by 2016, Business Week predicts that that will increase to $18.3 billion.”

4 Benefits of Mobile Advertising:

  1. Omnipresence: Most mobile devices are within arm’s reach for 90% of the day. Customers benefit from having information at their fingertips and having immediate access to news, gossip and knowledge.
  1. Staying ahead of the competition: Just by reading this press release, readers are ahead of the competition. Mobile advertising is still a new phenomenon, emerging in late 2011 and early 2012. 90% of businesses have not yet embarked on a mobile campaign.
  1. Wide coverage and precise targeting: Mobile advertisers can now reach out to 10 million or more daily users and can target audiences by country, state/province, cell phone carrier, and device model.
  1. Low cost per action: Internet advertisers can now get clicks and calls for pennies on a dollar. This is a fraction of the cost you pay for PPC advertising campaigns.

“People are now using mobile devices to discern and engage with the world around them,” adds Hurvitz. “Searching for local information is one of the most common activities on a mobile device as mobile users are able to make informed decisions about places to see, shops to visit, meals to eat, and more.”

Eran Hurvitz encourages all internet advertisers to monetize on mobile ads, while the competition is still flimsy. It is his fundamental belief that mobile advertising has far greater potential than online and internet marketing. Internet advertisers are able to send highly relevant mobile messages to target audiences when it is relevant to do so.

Large brand name companies are working with Wisdek Corp. to solidify their mobile advertising push in a timely campaign. They have been doing so not only to drive in-store traffic and sales, but also to increase brand awareness. Table 1 attests to Wisdek’s work to date. The corporation measures the success of its mobile advertising campaigns using two variables: Daily Push (daily impressions available) and Click-through Rate (CTR) per country.

By Alex Noudelman

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