The 25 Best Free Tools For an SEO Job Well Done!

With Google, Yahoo and other search engines constantly tightening their algorithms (think Hummingbird and Panda) it is more important than ever to fine tune your clients’ web pages if you are to have any chance of appearing in the top SERPs positions.


Here are 25 great, free, online tools that can help you to do just that, starting with keyword aids…

Www Tools

1. Google Ads Keyword Planner:


This is an excellent tool for ad group planning and for researching everything connected with keywords, from the words themselves, to analyzing how they could perform and even for combining various lists of keywords to create a new, more inclusive multiple keyword listings. This site can also be useful for helping you select competitive budgets and bids.


Watch this video to find out more.




This is the perfect tool for generating more than 750 long-tail keywords, working in any language and Google domain of your choice. Keyword uses Google Autocomplete to append and pre-pend your chosen keyword term.


3. UbberSuggest:


This tool will suggest the most appropriate keywords and extracts the key phrases you need, then displays them in a simple listing that you can export to Google Keyword Tool then cut and paste into Google Keyword Planner.


4. BuzzStream Meta Tag Extractor:


This is an excellent tool for compiling apt title tags, meta description and meta keywords for the URLs of your choice.


5. Keyword Eye:


This excellent tool gives you up to 10 free keyword searches every day and is perfect for:


  • Brainstorming keywords for SEO or PPC campaigns
  • Showing search volume per month
  • Showing how competitive keyword is
  • Collecting data concerning ranking and competitor keywords
  • Disclosing what other searches people in the same field are making
  • Analyzing the content of top-rated pages to reveal keyword trends on-site


Tips for Great Content


6. Copyscape:


This free plagiarism tool will check your URLs to see if they contain duplicate material that appears elsewhere on the web. It is also useful for discouraging unscrupulous competition from copying your great content by displaying the Copyscape banner on your pages warning that your site is under the protection of Copyscape.


7. Siteliner:


Siteliner works much like Copyscape and more… Just enter the URL and the Siteliner tool will report back on duplicate content, internal page rank, XML sitemap, broken links, and much more.


8. SEO-Browser:


This tool strips your site down to the basics of what the search engines can browse without all the additional add-ons of graphics and other decorative elements. It gives you feed-back on internal and external links, Javascript elements, robot.txt, meta data, technical elements, text to page weight ratio, and more.


9. Google Webmaster Tools:


Once registered , use this excellent, insightful tool for checking out keyword insights, site speed metrics, traffic patterns, authorship statistics, structured data mark-up, HTML improvements, , and even more.


10. ScreamingFrog:


This is your complete SEO audit tool and you can use it free of charge for up to 500 URL crawls. Perfect for larger sites and for quick audits, analysis and to review your site from an SEO point of view.


11. Advanced Meta Tag Generator & Google Search Results Preview:


These give you a screenshot to show how your search listing will appear in Google’s SERPs, with your keyword meta-tags highlighted in bold.


12. Google Developers PageSpeed Insights:


Shows you how well your page is performing on both desktop and mobile devices. Any score over 85 means your page is performing as it should.


13. GTmetrix:


Free to use on 5 URLs per month. This tool uses Yahoo! YSlow and Google PageSpeed data to analyze how your web pages are performing and recommends ways to fix problem issues.


14. Pingdom Website Speed Tool:


Use this tool to find out why your site is so slow, to calculate load times of each page, and for suggested fixes to resolve slow performance and loading issues


15. Feedthebot:


Here more than 12 tools are gathered together on a single site to help you analyze your site performance and page loading speed. Among the tools included here are:


  • SEO Page Spider
  • Google Guideline Check
  • Image SEO Tool
  • Social Media Count
  • Mobile SEO Tool
  • CSS Delivery Tool
  • Page Speed Tool


16. Live HTTP Headers for Firefox:


This is a useful Firefox add on that enables you to view HTTP headers while browsing the page.


17. URI Valet:


Similar to Feedthebot, this tool combines 10+ structural tools that give you an at-a-glance, printable, graph display insight into all the important facts you need to know about server headers, download speeds, object details, internal and external links, and much more.




Fast tool for creating a robots.txt file that is crawlable by search engines and allows you to upload excluded specified areas to root directory.


19. Robots.txt Testing Tool:


Log in to Google Webmaster Tools to access this SEO tool that will check whether your robots.txt file is preventing Googlebots from working and to highlight logic and syntax errors for correction.


20. Schema Creator:


This tool helps you add additional information to your meta-tags so that search engines understand better what your site is about.


21. Structured Data Testing Tool:


This tool previews the appearance of your page in Google SERPs and enables you to verify mark-up for specific pages.




This tool offers free indexing for your first 500 pages and enables you to create site maps that make Google aware of every page on your website, even those pages that Google’s normal crawling bots don’t discover, as well as providing Google with meta-data concerning your specific site content.


23. XML Sitemap Inspector:


This tool will check that all the internal links in your site map are up and running effectively and informs search engines where you want them to look.


24. Site Condor:


Free for use on the first 200 URLs and for 2 site crawls, this tool reviews your site in depth and extracts structured data and on-page elements, analyses aggregated results and controls how and when crawl bots run.


25. Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit:


First, try out the previous 24 SEO tools and then run your site through the Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit to give it one final audit before going live.


Yes – there is a lot of information included here but all of it can be incredibly useful if you just put it to work for your client. It is well worth taking a few minutes to check out these tools and we’re certain you’ll reap the benefits in terms of SEO that gives true customer satisfaction.  Happy browsing!

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