Tips for Improving Sales Conversions from Google Advertising

Have you ever advertised your website achieving success at generating traffic, but not sales? This may have been because the messages on your website were not compatible with what you were advertising on Google. In the following paragraphs we’ve put together some tips to prevent this from happening to you.

1. Use clear and descriptive keywords and ad text.

Using general keywords for your business will just place your website and business in the saturated environment of your competition. Having specific keywords, such as trekking poles for camping gear (as shown in the video), may expose you to a smaller audience, but your sales will increase because people searching for that certain item will find you.  As well, before choosing keywords, you should research what keywords have been successful. Not all keywords, even if you are being descriptive, will work effectively at getting you clicks and conversions if no one is searching them.

2. Use relevant landing pages.

Have your Ads link to a specific landing page rather than your homepage. If people are led to your homepage, there is higher chance of them abandoning your website because they do not want to look through your site and information to find what they came for. Furthermore, the site should be easy to navigate. Even if the user lands on the right landing page after clicking on your advertisement, they can still easily abandon it if the site is too complicated.

3. Monitor and adjust bids.

Rearrange how much value you put to your Ads. If some Ads are more successful than other ones, put more money into those and less into the others. This can increase your sales because your focusing more onto what is selling from your website and company. In order to determine the success of your Ads, you can utilize some tools that Google Ads provides, such as Ads conversion tracker, which measures the success of the keywords. From the amounts of clicks and impressions, to which keywords are actually leading to conversions, Ads tools are highly useful in figuring out what adwords are successful and how much more value you should put on them.

Having an Ads strategy is a very proficient method at getting more traffic to your website and more conversions and sales. Your strategy should include implementing specific keywords, having relevant landing pages, and monitoring the success of the Ads. Following these procedures can help you with your website and your business.

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