Top 5 Killer SEO Tips For Beginners

SEO is, and always will be, the number one tool to excellerate your online presence. Any website that goes through the phase of marketing will have to face the tough competition provided by top SEO service providers. When it comes to monetizing your website, good traffic is a must, and the best traffic comes from the hands of good SEO. Here are 5 killer SEO tips which will guide you through the process of building a website that will help you improve your ranking.


  • Maintain Quality Content

When it comes to search engine optimization, content is the king. Be it a blog or an online shopping website content is the key because the keywords which you are targeting comes through the basis of content. Illegitimate content creation will kill any of your previous SEO effort, and you should never engage in this if you are serious about your website. Maintaining quality content single handedly is the most important process of SEO, and at the same time maintaining necessary targeted keywords is required to link your website’s keyword with your content is necessary.

  •  Focus on on-site optimization

If the keywords you are targeting are not competitive, you can simply focus on your on-site optimization i.e. Meta tags, Meta keywords, keyword density and HTML to content density. Yielding the best ratio on these elements can boost your website ranking, even if you have not made the best external link building. The newest Google Algorithms appreciates the quality of on-site along with your quality content. So, go and update your Meta tags, description, keywords and declare your html version if you haven’t already done so.

  •  Slow and quality link building

Even if someone says so, a website cannot reach the top of Google or any search engine in a matter of weeks, even if it does, it will ultimately be dropped or even removed. SEO is a slow and on-going process, it’s not a destination but rather a journey. There are people who can blast thousands of links using black hat techniques and increase their ranking in matter of days, but notice that Google is smarter than us, it will immediately identify the link building tactics and penalize the website. So, focus on your content first and link building second, be slow and consistent when it comes to link building.

  •  Website Design and Loading Time

SEO does not necessarily demand a dynamic and a richer website design that uses up large resources and loads slowly. Always check for your website loading speed, it’s one of the most crucial factors – not only for your ranking but for your visitors experience as well. Who wants to visit a website that takes minutes to load? Any successful website must be easy to use, fast and responsive – and the same works for your SEO.

  •  Learn and Read

SEO is all about the algorithm updates periodically released by Google and other search engines. You are encouraged to educate yourself on the various SEO resources available in the web. Not only that, educate yourself about how rankings are affected by certain events, and how your website’s content be appreciated by Google itself. You may notice that some of your posts get ranked, while others may not, go there and find the reason why it acts in such a way. So, learn, research and read which may be the best way to excel your knowledge in SEO and ultimately, improve your ranking.

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