Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

It is widely said and believed that “Content is the king.” Yes, it is the king, but if content can make a business, it can also potentially kill a business. This is because the well written persuasive content is the secret behind generating brand awareness, user engagement, and customer advocacy.

Despite its significance, content creation is often pushed down on the priority list. However, a website is nothing without quality content. Content is, in fact, the key determining factor in how well a website will perform.

Today, well-written content builds brands by delivering marketing message and driving customers to act. A website’s ranking in search engine results pages depends on its content. So, the performance of a website, both in terms of search rankings and visitor engagement depends on good content.

Now, we know the importance of a well-written copy. The next important thing is how to get ahead of the race and win over customers and influencers alike. First, we should understand that writing web copy, blogs, brochures, print ads, or broadcast copy requires more than just someone with good grammar and vocabulary. In today’s content-driven, social media world, this task can only be performed by a professional copywriter. In case, you don’t know what copywriting is, let’s make it clear first.

What Is Copywriting?

Traditionally, copywriting encompasses writing all the promotional material, that is, print advertising, outdoor spots, and email promotions. However, nowadays, the meaning of the word “promotion” itself has changed and broadened. Now, the promotion includes all your digital content, such as website content, your social media pages, company blogs, and more. In short, copywriting helps business by attracting prospective customers, generating brand awareness, resolving customer queries and much more. Today’s digital world requires a multifaceted media content strategy, which can only be developed by a copywriter who knows content strategy.

To understand it better, read the following top 7 reasons to hire an excellent copywriter:

  1. Content Strategy:

A business could excel by hiring a professional who knows content strategy so that the message can be communicated in an effective manner. Copywriters research client offerings, analytics, and the competitive landscape which efficiently drive consumers to designated conversion points. The copywriter will ensure that your pages will get the most number of hits on search engine results. Thus, the correct content strategy will lead to greater reach and grip of your products or services.

  1. To get expertise:

You may write fine content for your blog with proper grammar and punctuation, but this doesn’t make you a copywriter. You don’t have the training and experience to write content that both serves your business needs and can rank well in search engines. For any business to grow, it is important to communicate a powerful message to customers. For this, you need an expert with the knowledge of latest concepts of metadata and search engine optimization.

  1. To give the consumer’s angle:

Most businesses believe that an in-house employee would be best suited to write content in their given area of expertise. However, contrary to the belief, a company insider’s content is often business focused, and not customer focused. Since you’re too close to the topic, a copywriter will give an outsider’s point of view to communicate your most important benefits.

  1. To create SEO friendly content:

Companies nowadays take their contents part seriously and hire online SEO Copywriters. This is because a professional SEO copywriter will drive traffic, boost branding and improve the sales of your company. SEO copywriters ensure that your website shows up on page 1 of any search engines for your main keywords. To make a website visible to the search engines and to potential new customers, copywriters identify keywords, include those keywords in the copy, and produce title tags and meta-description tags. Hiring a professional is best because only they know about suitable word limit, natural keyword placing and other set formulas for the pages.

  1. To get error-free content:

Isn’t it tricky to deal with grammar, spelling and syntax rules all the once? If you’re not a grammar Nazi, you should consider hiring a pro copywriter. Copywriters know the value of good grammar. Bad grammar and misspellings can harm the reputation of your business. A copywriter will ensure that content is clear, concise, error-free copy.

  1. Social Media Expertise:  

Customers today have become more internet-friendly and want information almost instantly. It has become much easier for them to simply open a search engine on their web browser or mobile and get every detail. In this era of social media, a robust social media presence is a must for every business to prosper. A copywriter will help in formulating a clear and effective social media content strategy. Only a professional can guide you regarding which social media site will serve your business, what kind of communication would work best for your target audience, and the extent of interaction.

  1. To save your valuable time

It takes time to write high-quality SEO savvy content. However, if an inexperienced client attempts to write his own copy, it even longer time. Moreover, taking into account all other business related commitments; it can be hard to make time to generate compelling, quality content for your own website. Therefore, it is best to focus on your customers and get content related to work done by a professional.

These are just a few of the numerous reasons and benefits of hiring an excellent copywriter to write your copy. Content writing is a task that no business can avoid. Irrespective of the type of business you own, written communication is vital. Be it website, marketing emails, newsletters, and other content, your writing skills matters. Remember, well-written copy will always sell your brand/product/service.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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