Our Top Digital Marketing Tips for Business Growth

The digital marketing landscape is a rocky road to travel. Regardless of the type of business, be it an app design company or a local clothing boutique, digital marketing can be a tough landscape to traverse due to sudden shifts in trends and patterns which require marketers to keep adjusting and adapting to newer strategies through their journey. To ensure success with your digital marketing, you require a multitude of ideas that enhance your business growth by adding to your next campaign.

You need to have ideas and tactics to help increase engagement, to promote your brand, and to help boost ROI. These tips for successful digital marketing aim at helping your business grow through SEO, content marketing and a lot many other concepts.

To have a plan in place, is work half done. You then have defined goals and can chart a course of steps to get there. However, with the dynamic nature of digital marketing, the plan should forever be subject to change. You can then figure out what works best for that particular situation.

Top Digital Marketing Tips


  1. Know your funnel

The buying process that customers follow to reach a conversion is known as the sales funnel. Before you make your marketing plan, it is essential you understand all the segments of the funnel. This will give you a clearer picture of how the users tend to interact with your website and other online channels including social media. To craft a cohesive plan to help you reach from A to Z, the study of the funnel along with analytics will come in handy.


  1. Act Like a Visitor

Step in the visitors shoes and device the marketing plan according to what will encourage conversion with you as a visitor. While analytics are important, to be a user and to seek what will work for you is the better trick. You could also ask colleagues or friends to browse through the website as you watch over to see if they are encountering problems with conversions and what kind of posts or layouts attract them the most.


  1. Incorporate Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial to your marketing plan. You must utilize Google+ and make sure that online business directories, Yelp, Google My Business etc. are accurate for your business. You must monitor your progress by monitoring reviews and feedbacks on these websites and attend to any negative feedbacks for a better future experience.


  1. Focus on Landing Pages

A landing page offers the opportunity of forming a first impression for every new visitor. You must hence ensure that the website is responsive, provides the information the user is looking for and is easy and quick to load. The landing page experience has a direct impact on your conversion rates.


  1. Clear CTA’s

A critical factor in conversions is a clear Call-to-action. Every user must understand clearly how to proceed with the next step for easier navigation and conversion.


  1. Create Fresh Content

Informative, relevant, and fresh content are the key players for your brand growth. Choose quality over quantity and try including new formats and multimedia options like infographics or videos to make the content delivery more engaging for the user.


  1. Use Blogs for Social Media

To feed your social media, blogs can prove to be an invaluable tool You can use content from other websites but that will only help build your social presence while the blog on your own website will help encourage web traffic.


  1. Make Use of Press Releases

Another underused content format are Press releases. They are a great option to announce of any local events or activities that might intrigue the user. You could also use them to announce of any charity or community work that benefits your local market.


  1. Research the Competition

To simply know what your brand is upto isn’t enough, you must also monitor the marketing strategy of your competitors. Smaller the market, the more is this step important for you to craft a marketing plan that works better for your business and helps convince the competitor’s clients to make deals with your business.


  1. Test, Test, Test

Something that worked last year will not be a sure shot way of success this year. Similarly, what works best for your competitor may work negatively for you. Thus the only way out is to test multiple plans and check what works best for your individual business.


Thus, digital marketing has no ‘one size fits all’ approach as every business has different objectives and approaches. Thus, it is essential you have multiple plans and tools in your marketing toolbox and then craft a plan that works best for your specific needs.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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