Top Tips to Improve Mobile App User Acquisition

Your app may invite applauds for the genius concept, design, or even innovation, but can it really see success without users? It might have won various awards but to call it a successful app, you need to have the download number, and a good revenue stream with returning and regular users.

While user acquisition is in vain if the app itself doesn’t attract or invite to users and retains regular users, it is still essential or the stepping-stone to inviting and attracting users.

Here are the Tips to Improve User Acquisition:


Know Your User

As with every business, your app too will have a target clientele or audience depending on the specific niche it deals with. Each user has a different set of requirements, needs and wants and to ensure success for your app, you need to understand the needs and wants of your targeted users and hone your product as well as acquisition campaign to best suit their interests and drive them in.


Understand the LTV

LTV, or Lifetime value of your app helps keep you figure out the worth of each user for your app. The Lifetime Values are different for different user specs, hence it is essential you first determine the group you are targeting and understanding which group should you target to best achieve your required value. Certain users will use the app more often, spend more often on the apps, and are likely to share experiences leading to more users trying your app based on word of mouth.


Optimize the App Store

A great name, icon, description, proper keywords, and your ability to sell the product to users holds great importance for making your app a success. It is essential that potential users are able to find the app easily and are provided with enough information on your page to persuade them to try your app. In this area, the testing is invaluable to the final overall success.


Run a Test Campaign

For a sharper and more effective campaign as a end result, it is best to run a test campaign through which you compare the slogans, ideas, and tactics before launching your actual user acquisition campaign. By testing the campaign, the accuracy in driving conversion and downloads is likely to be more than trying to shoot your user acquisition campaign at the audience blindfolded with no prior experience.


Create Video Ads

Video adds are not only engaging but also drive interest of people while showcasing what the app actually has to offer. They are thus a great introduction to your mobile app, especially if they are produced in high quality.


Content Marketing

Alongside demonstrating how your app or product will solve problems or fit the requirements of your target customer, valuable content will also showcase your product value and credibility. Content marketing is hence a great strategy when looking for increased growth for your app.


Use a Mailing List

While it is a typically old school method, it continues to retain its strength of driving potential users. Introducing your product right in your user’s inbox with all essential information about updates or new releases reaching them timely, you’re doing much good for your app. Moreover, it also offers users an easy channel to get back to you with any questions or feedbacks they might have.


Include Social Media

With the increased dependence on social media for everyday life, it is best to include social media platforms for your user acquisition campaign as they have the potential to create viral hits. Moreover, they offer your users a way to interact with you and the highly visual platforms offer you the opportunity to showcase all that your app has in store for the user.


Press Releases

To get the name of your app out for the public to see and to create awareness about your brand and drive installs, press releases can come in handy.


Track Everything

Knowledge and analytics may end up being your biggest strength. You must thus utilize these analytics, tracking every bit of data from downloads to session lengths to opens, to help shape your future plans. These will come in handy for not just acquisition campaigns but for future updates and development for your app and business.


With an ever-increasing number of apps in the app store, you will have to best plan what will bring your app to the user’s notice. Regardless of the type or niche of the app, these tips for mobile app user acquisition will provide for you a foundation stone for developing the user base and business strategy for long term success.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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