Trends that will drive the Customer Experience in 2018

As the year has only begun, a question every business must be asking is ‘What are the trends that will drive customer experience in 2018. Seeing technology play an important role in customer experience, website development companies are constantly looking for innovative approaches to ensure a unique and effective experience for customers.

With the numerous options available to buy through various channels and platforms, consumer choice tends to be the game changer and to be the choice of the consumer, you need to deliver an experience better than your competition. The customers hardly need your business – your business needs them.

So, in order to gain business and customer loyalty, you must provide for an experience that makes them want to work with you.

With 2018 in mind, trends that are likely to drive customer experience are:


Big Data

Big data has become essential to functioning of businesses. To provide a more personalized experience and to increase customer engagement, analyzing data and altering the performance based on data comes in handy. Analyzing big data, from the top level, can help increase understanding of certain situations, which in turn will allow you to choose and direct the processes for improvement and to increase margins. Not only to remain competitive in your niche, but also to accommodate a better customer experience, it is high time your business starts making use of Big Data

Virtual Assistants

Once a thing of science fiction films, the virtual assistances have now traversed to reality and making it big as they can accommodate more effective and efficient communications between electronic devices and humans. Ever since they launched, Alexa, Siri, and Google Now have all improved the manner in which people use or interact with their devices. As people have become comfortable with asking questions of Virtual Assistants and Chat bots, and are increasingly using voice search, they have become increasingly integrated into processes that help improvise customer experience. Virtual assistants can provide for quick answer to commonly faced problems as required in customer service, thus not only improving customer experience but also saving time and effort by the customer.


Mobile Commerce

A currently growing market, mobile commerce can credit its growth to millennials, who are not among the largest demographic when talking of purchasing. With mobile devices being their primary devices to access the internet, it makes complete sense that as their earning increases, they are more likely to splurge through these mobile devices. In the next five years, with this rate of steady increase, almost 50% of total e-commerce will be through mobile devices. Thus businesses have a need to focus on an improved customer experience for mobile users in order to win business. Mobile commerce has a lot of issues needed to be managed, and thus can be challenging to tackle. There are also a host of options such as location notifications that enhance experiences. Among the best ways to ponder on how the customer experience can be enhanced at the mobile level, is to step into the customer’s shoes and then understand how to best meet the motivation and goals set to enhance customer experience.

Personalized Interactions

With enterprise technology, the bar has been set high when we talk of customer interactions. With companies now trying to create unique and personalized interactions with their customers, the customers are likely to want to experience a similar interactions with almost every brand they are interacting with. Thus, to retain your customer, your company or brand must meet this evolving expectation. To enhance customer interactions, a combination of automation, artificial intelligence, and big data can be used. This can help make the interactions personal and unique thus strengthening your customer relationship which is essential for customer retention.


Customer Journey

The journey of a customer from beginning to end is now playing a major role in creating the overall customer experience. Thus you need to work on strategies that not only involve acquisition and purchase but also focus on loyalty, advocacy, and usage in order to place your business in an optimum position to deliver a positive customer experience to all at various levels. Also, if you want to deliver a great customer experience, you need to understand the multiple starting points the customer may land upon, based on how your company is structured.


To conclude, we can say that with technology, the manner how customer interactions take place keeps evolving. For example, the connections changed with the point-of-sale interactions moving from cash and check exchanges to credit and debit cards. In order to form effective strategies online, you would need to mesh the new technology with customer expectations to ensure that your customers remain engaged. Thus, to stay competitive in the digital business world, you must understand the trend that are likely to drive customer experience in 2018.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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