Understanding Ad Rank – Why one is listed higher than another

Google makes it easy for your business and Ads to be found by the customers that you want, and you can improve your campaign to get your website more coverage. To accomplish this it is helpful to understand Google Ad Rank because it is the criteria by which your budget is determined and your ads are evaluated.

What is Ad Rank?

Ad rank determines the order of the advertisements on the search results page on Google. The higher your ad rank, the higher the placement on the search results page. 40% of the clicks on advertisements from the page are on the top three links, and ads in the top position get up to 10 times more clicks than the ads in the right hand column, so it is vital to have a good ad rank.

How does Ad Rank work?

The ad rank is comprised of a formula of two variables:

  • The maximum amount your willing to pay every time someone clicks on your ad, otherwise known as the bid.
  • The quality score- the estimate of the relevance and usefulness of your ad, the keywords, and your landing page.

You would want to have a competitive bid and high quality score in order to have a high ad rank, but this varies. For example, if there are two competing for a higher placement for their ad, in which one company places a small bid but has a high quality score, which includes specific keywords, while the other company places a higher bid but has a small quality score, the first company will have a higher placement.

How can you get a high quality score?

In order to get a high quality score, there are a few things you can do.

  • Make sure that your ads are relevant to the search.
  • Have descriptive keywords in order exclude them from the rest of the saturated market and keywords.
  • To make your keywords stand out.
  • Make sure the landing pages are very relevant landing pages are very relevant to the ad, in which clicking on the ad would lead to the right page.

Other important things to help establish a high quality score include:

    • Maintaining a high PPC click through rate.
    • Using negative keywords to minimize irrelevant clicks.
    • The site should have a privacy policy; contact us, and a terms of service page.
    • Have a proper structure with no broken links on your website
    • Have an easy navigation system.
    • Always monitor your quality score, using such software as Ads conversion tracking. Keeping up to date of what needs to be improved is very important.

There are tools that you can use to measure the outcome of your bids and the success of your quality score. For example, Tenscores Manual Bid Optimizer informs you on what bid you should use to get maximum profitability after inserting predicted bids and business metrics.

Having a good Ad Rank is extremely significant in getting your ads and company out there. Without a good ad rank, it is hard to have your ad being clicked, which defeats the whole purpose of even paying for an ad.

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