Should you be using Growth Hacking Techniques?

Hackings, when talking about computing, was always associated with gaining unauthorized access. However, the millennial generation is hooked to work hacks, life hacks, and hacks that promise to change their life, thus making the word refer to simple tricks or shortcuts aimed at increasing productivity. It may be with hacks to save money, meeting health goals, or even web design.

The question then is should you be using growth hacking techniques to increase your productivity levels for marketing? Well, keep it a secret, but the answer is a yes. It is perhaps your best idea for seemingly quick results without a complete switch from your current plan of action.

Why do I need hacks?

Chances are that you’re working on your marketing strategy using well-tested techniques to get satisfactory results.

Hacks are not essentially needed, but you definitely desire better leads and conversions, making hacks a go-to resort. Using hacks for small improvements in your marketing results is a smart move as you’d yield results without adding too much time or expenditure.


Growth hacking techniques


Use Emotional Headlines

If you want your content to be shared, using an emotionally charged headline can do the trick. They do not have to be emotional words stuffed in the headline, but something that your reader associates to emotionally. If you are focusing on increasing sharing of your content, try and make it sound relationship nurturing, self-defining, entertaining, and valuable at the same time. Using an emotional connect will make a substantial hacking technique.


Share Content Multiple Times

Most of us feel that sharing content a couple of times is all that is needed, and then the content is to share itself. Also, people often do not have the confidence in the content, and so refrain from sharing it too often. However, your content will only have a higher chance of being successful, if it is shared more. You may share it multiple times when you first publish, and then again every few weeks as follow up. You may use online tools to automate the process of scheduling your promotion.


Email Content Multiple Times

Email marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to content promotion. While you could send a common email to your entire list with the content when it is first published. Keep track of who opened the original email sent, and then segment the email list and resend the email with a changed title to those who didn’t in the following week. A little effort will take your email marketing a long way.


Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes businesses suffer from very low rates of people opening the emails. A way to increase that is to send personalized offers or giveaways or valuable content for free. People will then be likely to open your emails, in the fear of missing out on exclusive discounts or offers, thus making your email marketing success. If you’re a food joint and offering a free beverage or an additional discount with an email promotion code, there are chances they’d be on a lookout for your emails more often, even if they fail to visit so often.


Increase your Website Speed

While the turtle won against the speedy yet lazy rabbit in the old school story, winning customer online is a different game. Your conversions can reduce by 5% or even more with just a one-second delay in the page respond to speed. Also, in the general scenario, the sites often run 2 or 3 seconds slower than they ideally should. So, it is essential to work on your page response speed in order to not miss out on potential conversions coming your way.


Use Social Proof

To add credibility to your content and business, using customer testimonials, rating systems, or case studies as social proof may help. Also, you may use logos of businesses you have worked with to add to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign by branding your business as a credible organization, thereby building the visitor’s trust in your products. Also, you may look for feedback or actions from your visitors or customers to decide your future decisions for online marketing. Social proof has been noticed to drive up sales by up to 20%.


The Bottom Line

To gain customers and potential conversions, companies are increasingly spending energy, time, and money on their marketing efforts. While adding a new technique or re-inventing your strategy may be your go-to option, using growth hacking techniques may make your pre-existing marketing strategy a success without the additional effort involved in re-designing the campaign. Hacking techniques for growth can thus help achieve optimal performance in a shorter time and lesser effort.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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