Web Design Trends to Look out for in 2017

With the dawn of the New Year, its time we look back in retrospect at trends that will play a major role throughout the year, which you absolutely need to incorporate into your designs. The idea is to make your design personal, relevant and interactive so that you are able to enhance user experience.

Here are a few insights into the 2017 web design trends that will help you focus on areas of importance to generate better footfalls, and convert them on your website.

Flat Design

This year may mark the end of flat design as you know it. The reason being, with flat designs almost all websites and applications look similar, owing to which their individual personality and traits are lost. Flat design has become more about design aesthetics that everyone seems to be donning on, leading to a loss of creativity. Flat design will soon be replaced with more elaborative layouts that are unique and portray the brand’s personality.

Responsive Design

While you have seen responsive designs trending for a while now, it’s time for next-gen responsive web designs to take on the web design world. It is the responsiveness of your website that marks good user experience. While CSS media queries will continue offering website flexibility across devices, it is time to accept that need to customize responsive ideas to meet business requirements and ensure that content is optimized to meet Google’s SEO standards, before thinking of increased conversion rates.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism started off in the late 2016, and will continue to reign over the web design world with its aesthetic appeal through 2017. You no longer have a homepage with loads of content; you are now in a world dominated by cards that not only make reading easy but also ensure you know what the website is all about, with minimum words. It is the first step into a de-cluttered world.


With an increase in smartphone users, enterprises will need to think mobile-first when getting their websites designed. The “Mobile-first approach” will gain momentum in enterprise mobility solutions as well as in business specific mobility solutions. Designers will need to think of designs that will look good on mobile and enhance the user’s experience. This design can later be incorporated into the websites and other form factors.


In 2017, typography will not only go big, but also bold and aesthetically pleasing. 2016 was the initiation of big and aesthetic typography, and 2017 will bring this trend alive, and keep it going. Full screen typography or, big and eye-catching ones can become you. The idea is to choose the portrayal that suits your brand in the best possible way. With dynamic colors and textures, your typography will become more vibrant, adding to the user experience you are ready to offer your users.

Long Scrolls

Long scrolling websites will trend in 2017. The idea is to recreate the structure defined by Twitter and Facebook, of being visually bottomless. The idea is to engage people with visuals and content on the page, and keep them on your website for the longest time possible, attempting to convert them. Adding images and other visuals, along with good typography will add to the excitement.

Innovative Headings

It’s time to move forth with creative headings that are beyond basic. The heading is what gets noticed when someone visits your website, and it is important to have content that’s catchy. Make sure the heading looks bold, and imaginative. Add unique elements, change the layout, and justify it differently, if you want people to notice your heading.

Designers are currently experimenting with headings in a major way. They are trying to implement websites with bold headings, and some are trying to do away with the headings. In 2017, headings will see a new style, and more boldness as compared to earlier practices.

The Modern-Retro Combination

Websites in 2017 will be inspired by the styles that dominated the 80s and the 90s. In short, you will see designers combining the retro look with a modern approach to give your websites a much needed twist. The influence of retro on contemporary style will help in designing interactive and highly engaging websites.

Animations & GIFs

Websites have relied heavily on text. Things changed with the advent of graphics and infographics. In 2017, you will see more animations and GIFs which will convey what the website wants to communicate. Sophisticated GIFs will help engage more people, which is the main purpose of the website. Text plus video animation will also be part of the content strategy for websites, as that helps communicate things easily and quickly. With vector images, and lightweight videos, the loading time would stay unaffected, and the engagement on the website will increase. So, it’s time for designers to start thinking beyond graphics, and add motion graphics to their website to catch attention.

These are just a few trends that will be seen through 2017, ruling your websites, and ensuring excellent user experience. Are you ready to optimize your websites with these trends?

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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