Which Google Ads Format Will Work Best for Your Business?

Every business has a story, and Ads helps you tell your story to the people who are the most interested in it, your customers. No matter where your customers are or who they are, Ads helps you connect them with your business. Here is some advice on how to connect your company to your customers in the most cost effective way.

Try different Ad Formats

Ads are much more than just text ads. There are several different types of Ads media.  You can use Image ads to showcase a new product and catch people’s attention, or you can also use video ads on YouTube or other popular websites to intrigue customers. There are different styles of ads are effective at retrieving more customers from more places online.

Make it easy for your customers

Try making it easy for your customers to view and purchase your products. Do not make allow any roadblocks that might make it more difficult for them to find the information that they clicked for. Make it easy on them by making clear and expressive ad text that leads to a landing page that is exactly what is in your ad. As well, try making your ads easily applicable and accessible for all devices, as some people are searching for products on their mobile phone.


Ads sometimes gets mixed into heavy competition for top positions. You need to make your adtext and other forms of advertisements stand out. Experiment with your messages and format. If one ad is not working, try out a different one. For instance, if you are selling shoes and your adtext is promoting the color but is not working out, try promoting the price instead. If people aren’t clicking your text ads, try using image ads. Video ads are also very effective because they are intriguing and captivating if produced well. Experimenting with your ads is the one way to see which ads work best and bring you the most customers.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are a very common form of advertising, but it is a very misused method. The average internet user views over 1,700 banner ads a day and they only gain around 1 click over 1000 impressions, so making yours stand out can be very difficult. However, there are ways to make your banner ad more memorable.

Find your target audience

  • The first step is to find a website that has a high traffic volume and is relevant to your target audience.
  • It is not wise to place a banner ad dedicated to feminine hygiene products on a website dedicated primarily to men. It would be better to place an ad like that on a health website or even a woman’s fashion site, for example.

Check the facts

  • Check the statistics of the site before placing any advertisement on it.
  • For example, check the traffic of the website from the current year and the last year and compare them- have the traffic increased or decreased?

There are also different types of banner ads:

Flash Banners

  • These banners are ads that are incorporated with animation and other special facts
  • They are more interactive, thus more eye-catching
  • They receive higher click through rates than any other form

Gif Banners

  • Banners that are created in a GIF file format, in which a series of individual images are played in sequence.
  • Usually a very short video, it is the most cost effective method used by small businesses that want to promote using banner ads.
  • The timing of the banner can be controlled; as well as more special effects can be used since the smallest web color palette is used.

Static Banners

  • Banners that are still single frames with an image or catch phrase.
  • Shows a very definite and “to-the-point” call to action.
  • Very cost effective, and not risky when experimenting with different ad formats and establishing your target audience.

Overall, experimenting with different ad formats is the only way to determine what works best for your business. From text ads to the many different forms of banner ads, trying different things out is a integral of a successful adwords campaign.

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