Why Aren`t My Google Ads Showing?

Welcome to Adwords 101, an instructional series of videos dedicated to helping advertisers understand the Google Adwords platform in detail. Throughout the next few months we’ll be sharing some of the industries best practices through our blog and YouTube channel. We hope you stay tuned as we’ll be sharing tips to help you understand your ad serving just like the professionals.

Many advertisers (big and small) find themselves asking a common group of questions pertinent to their ad’s visibility and performance. Yet there is one immediate concern that every advertiser may have at the beginning of their campaign, and it is a very legitimate worry:

“Where are my ads, and why can’t I find them in Google search results?”

For obvious reasons (advertisers expect to receive the impressions, or clicks they pay for) this is a very a disheartening problem. If you’re not seeing your ad in search results, it is not a glitch. There is an answer as to why they may not be displaying alongside your competitors, and this will be the first topic we discuss in our 101 course.

So grab a seat, a cup of coffee, your favorite colleague, and pair of headphones. The next two minutes can make a world of difference in managing your campaigns, and the expectations you have of them. There are three distinct reasons you may not being seeing your ads, watch the video in entirety to gain a complete understanding of the logic.

Progressing further into the issue, there is a way to see when and how your ads are actually appearing – without effecting CTR or using standard Google search. You can use the Google Ad Preview tool, or individual keyword preview.

Make sure to check in periodically as Wisdek will be releasing Adwords 101: How To Use Ad Preview, in the next short while.

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