Why Fresh Content Matters for your Law Firm’s Website?

In our conversation with many attorneys, we often recommend them having a blog on their law firm’s website. Most of them are excited about the idea but in a few cases, some attorneys are reluctant to start a blog on their website. The members of the second group often feel they do not have time for blogging. At worst, they think blogging is pointless.

However, they fail to understand the fact that a website is the first entry point for prospective clients. Lately, many law firms have established their digital footprint and to stand out from the crowd attorneys need to plan carefully. At first, it may seem like a daunting task, but the solution lies in creating fresh content for your website.

What is Fresh Content?

As the name suggests, fresh content means adding new pages to the website or by making a significant addition to the existing pages. The process of adding new pages to your law firm’s website can be done on a variety of pages including services to contact pages. Interestingly, blog posts remain one of the best ways to add new content to your website.

Why is it Important to Add Fresh Content on Your Law Firm’s Website?

The importance of adding new content should be good news to attorneys – given the marketing restrictions on the legal community. At the same time, blogging provides much-needed relief to those firms that are perhaps less heeled financially and not in a position to market its services through traditional means of marketing.

Publishing fresh and relevant content to your law firm’s website cements your web presence, your search engine rankings and your relationship with both potential and existing clients. Fresh content works to drive additional traffic to your website and prompt website visitors to convert to leads and eventually clients.

By providing users with most relevant information, law firms gain market share. Regularly updating the blog with latest happenings in the legal community indicates that the firm is “alive and kicking”.

3 Reasons Why Law Firms Should Blog Regularly?

  1. Search Engines Love New Content

As the undisputed king of search engines, Google has a tremendous influence on webmasters and how websites are developed. When Google desires its love for websites that update their content on a regular basis, it is sure sign you should consider adding fresh content on your website.

The more frequently you update your law firm’s website with new pages in the form of blogs, press releases, images or videos; the more frequently Google will stop at your website. Thus, providing you higher search engine visibility and rankings based on the content you have to offer.

Consistency is the key to building a successful business. A study by eMarketer reveals that 60% of marketers who create at least one piece of content each day don’t find it as challenging to get new leads as those who are inconsistent with content creation.

It is worth noting, more content is not the point here. The key to success lies in delivering high-quality content aimed at providing users with detailed information. If you bomb your website with a ton of low-quality blogs stuffed with keywords, you surely are going to be penalized.


  1. Fresh Content Builds a Loyal Base of Followers

Internet users value new content and prefer websites that publish updates about whatever matters to them. So in an attempt to attract and retain your website’s visitors, you need to offer them something of value. An engaging, interesting and frequently updated purpose just solves the purpose.

With a loyal base of followers and a high position in search rankings, your law firm is likely to be perceived as an authority in the legal community. Search engines recognize when users view a website as a credible source of information, so your website will reap additional rewards in terms of improved SEO.

Search engine value aside, your blogs have another marketing impact. When potential clients check out your website, they get to see your law firm’s expertise with the cases they need assistance with. Using the language that potential clients use is perhaps a compassionate approach to follow, giving readers a sense of what it might be like to work with you.


  1. Fresh Content Allows You to Explore New Keyword Opportunities

Even with the sophisticated ranking algorithms used by Google, keyword optimization continues to be an important component of SEO. It is essential to remember, keyword stuffing is no longer rewarded by Google as in the past, which makes it critical to use your keywords in a natural way. I bet you didn’t even know, within your law firm’s website, there is a goldmine of keyword opportunities that can bring you more clients.


Frequent content addition presents an opportunity for your site to target more keywords that can attract visitors to your website. If significant numbers of users are searching your website for particular words or phrases, it is most likely these visitors will convert. Your content writing strategy must incorporate these phrases. Again, optimizing existing pages or creating new pages will likely more qualified organic traffic to your website.


Final Thoughts

As a law firm, you have absolutely no excuse not to blog! Content planning is a critical part of your law firm’s content marketing strategy and sticking to the publication schedule.

As a leading internet marketing company in Toronto, Wisdek Corp specializes in SEO services and helped many law firms achieve business growth. If you have any questions regarding your content marketing goals, we welcome you to contact our digital marketing team.

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

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