Wisdek Becomes Google Partner

We have just been awarded the honour of becoming a Google Partner. The Google Partner program involves a rigorous screening and approval process and is intended to identify a select group of digital agencies who are providing the highest level of service for their clients.

It seems that Google’s initial view of agencies as subversive entities has changed into the realization that they are an integral part of the online marketing ecosystem and should be leveraged in order for the industry to evolve. It also appears Google intends to stand behind their partners.

Partners will benefit from extensive access to data and resources provided by Google. Group gatherings have been organized, and personal visits to agency offices have been employed by Google to get to know their new partners and to provide them with further education.

Google is attempting to do for online marketing what ISO has done for standardization in other industries. Google is determined to establish the pillars of what online marketing procedures and efficiencies should be by setting structural imperatives that all agencies who want this certification must follow,” describes Courtney Dale, Communications Director at Wisdek.

“Until now, the world of online marketing has been a lot like the wild west, with few rules and opportunist cowboys competing with highly skilled tradesmen for business,” she continues. “The Google Partner program is here to ensure that companies who are purchasing online marketing services from Google Partners are receiving the level of service they would expect from the best. At Wisdek we are extremely honoured to be included in this elite group of agencies.

There are 3 parties who will benefit tremendously from this program.

  • First of course is Google. By partnering with experts in the Canadian marketplace they will effectively increase the use of Ads, YouTube, and other Google advertising platforms.
  • Second are the agencies. Carrying a Google badge helps to set them apart from poor performers and basement wizards.
  • Third – and most important – are the clients. Google has been doing a great job at matching clients with agencies who best suit their needs. Google has also been monitoring the behaviour and performance of the agencies to ensure that they’re producing the absolute best results from their campaigns and offering their clients a great Google experience.

If you have any questions about the Google Partnership program, or are curious about the inside advantages it can bring to your business, contact us today at 1-877-947-3351

If you are new to Google Ads, Click Here.

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