Wisdek Reviews Google Advertising and the Changing Landscape of E-Commerce

Google Advertising: Then and Now

Google was just a small guy when they entered the industry of web searching. Starting out in a small garage, they quickly sky rocketed, becoming the largest search engine in the world. Google provides a wide range of innovative services from Google maps, to their latest release of Google 3D tours. Their constant research on user experience and ongoing efforts on business development in internet commerce has left many of us impressed and excited to see what is to come.

Looking back, in 2000, Google decided to enter the world of advertising with the implementation of Google Adwords (i.e. only pay when someone clicks on your ad), CPI advertising (i.e. pay every time an advertisement is displayed) and site targeted advertising for text banner and rich media. Google later increased their service offerings to include display advertising, which creates advertisements through text, images and videos. By 2012 they had locations on 6 continents, and grossed over $40 billion in advertising revenue alone.

In 2007, Google launched ‘Streetview,’ an application that allows users to experience a 3D virtual view of streets and attractions all over the world. This has been an asset for many companies, as businesses can effortlessly gain exposure from users worldwide. Although, this application does have some limitations as it can only bring visitors as far as the front door. Google’s latest innovation is the implementation of indoor 3D photos, which is an extension of streetview that gives users a virtual tour of business’ interiors.

Notable Benefits of Google Business Photos:

  • Customers can now explore and experience everything your business has to offer,”stepping inside your business” from the comfort of their own home. Wisdek is the first authorized agency in Canada to implement such a service on behalf of Google.
  • Google Business Photos will provide your company with a significant amount of exposure, appearing on Google’s search query, maps, Google+ local, your website (if integrated) and social media pages.
  • You can revitalize your website by taking advantage of 3D tours. Wisdek can integrate Google Business Photos right into your website(s) so customers coming from sources other than Google search can learn more about you.
  • Implementing this service has never been easier. Simply hire a Google Trusted Agency, select a date and time for your photo-shoot and your photographer will take care of the rest. Take vivid HD panoramic photos of your location using a certified Google Photographer, and start showing off your stuff!
  • Have you ever tried to check out a business after hours using the ‘ol ‘cup your hands to the side of your face and press your forehead against the glass’ technique to see what’s inside? Chances are you have. Now your business can place QR codes on your entrance doors to allow customers to view your interior on their phones and take a   virtual tour of your business. Wisdek can provide your company with high quality QR stickers each month to show off your local 3D listing and encourage good reviews online.

If your business wants to grow into a giant as Google did someday, it is critical to take full advantage of on-line advertising techniques such as 3D tours and others. A failure to do so may result in your company being trampled on by the other guys!
You may be struggling to choose the right advertising channels to maximize your ROI. Wisdek can assist you in determining the most suitable strategy and ensure that your marketing budget is not plundered on a campaign that costs you a fortune without producing. Even if you’re confident that PPC channels are the best choice, you will still be left with the task of determining which sites to present your ads on, how much to bid or which keyphrases to use to generate the most relevant/qualified traffic. 

To ensure that your advertisements attain full exposure to your target market, it is best to hire a well-rounded PPC company that has experience in the field. Wisdek can help your company by managing your ad campaign and placing your banners on sites that will give you hyper-targeted exposure, saving you time and money.

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