Is Wix a Good Business Site Platform?

Enabling even starters to build their websites in an easy manner, Wix is a website building platform which has the drag-and-drop feature making website simple for novices. With multiple templates to select from, Wix offers straightforward ways of editing site layouts for those who are not adept with website building or coding.

WordPress and Wix are extensively different as Wix provides a visual platform allowing even new users who have never built websites to build and maintain their own websites. According to claims, Wix is the most user-friendly website building platform that foregoes the hassles of learning program and provides for an easy opportunity to people to start their websites.

It appeals to people to be able to build a website with visual drag-and-drop tools and thus, there is a continuous growth in the number of business opting to use wix to build their website. Many starting bloggers and entrepreneurs especially use Wix due to the ease of using the platform.

As long as you are willing to use attached to your domain, you can set up your website for free. However, you may need your own domain as in case of a company website in order to cement your brand’s integrity.

While many new entrepreneurs and bloggers appreciate the idea of Wix, there are also recurring complaints about the service from past customers. The question then is that is Wix only for hobby bloggers or equally well for building business websites?

Platform Restrictions

While Wix may be incredibly easy to use, it also has its limitations. You cannot change layouts, input advanced platform codes, or set up SEO tools. Also, plugins which are commonly found in web building platforms like WordPress cannot be integrated with a wix website.

Even when you choose the additional plug-ins against payment, the choice of items available is extremely limited when compared to other platforms. Moreover, SEO tools that are pre-integrated on the platform have to be purchased for an extra cost.



The starter packages offered by are affordable however the pricing becomes steep as you move up the ladder. Also, the lower pricing should not be the temptation as the Wix banner advertisement can be removed only when you opt to upgrade to the Unlimited plan priced at $12.50 per month. With storage only upto 10GB, the prices are steep as it does not involve private hosting either.

On the contrary, WordPress offers private hosting and 10GB storage for the $2 per month basic plan. Besides, many plug-ins that are already integrated with WordPress and other platforms need to be purchased for an additional cost.


Loading Speed

A common complaint from existing customers tends to be that the Wix websites are slower to load that websites that were built using other platforms like Squarespace or WordPress. This problem may be caused by the restriction of hosting your site on your server and the extremely limited storage allocation for all plans.



To build the website using Wix may be easy and fast with the drag-and-drop tool available but to maintain and improve your website may be a tough task with the restrictions and limitations involved. Also, long term websites with can be pricey due to expensive packages and extra payment for SEO tools and plug-ins which do not even offer all the features that other platforms do.


Wix might make an ideal choice for hobby bloggers but if you are building a website for your business or as a full-time blogger, you might reconsider the option of choosing platforms like Squarespace or WordPress as they offer many more features at a lesser cost. If the website has to be up for a long-term, it is best you skip using Wix.

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