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We convert and migrate Websites to WordPress. Convert from Wix, Drupal, Joomla, HTML, Yahoo!Shopping, Weebly, GoDaddy, Sitefinity, Blogengine and other platforms or custom solution to the most effective for small to medium size business platform available today.


If you are serious about growing your audience and increasing your business exposure, We recommend WordPress. WordPress powers 26% of all websites and best for SEO with endless customization options:

Search Engine Friendly

Website code, structure, SEO plugins, etc., making it easy for search engines to understand and rank WordPress websites.

Access from Anywhere

As a web-based application, WordPress can be accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.


WordPress automatically recognizes if your site is viewed in a web browser or on a mobile device and configures it accordingly.

Ease of Use

Add or Edit new pages, change content, manage products, galleries, blog posts, etc. in user friendly interface of WP CMS.

You Are In Control

Core updates do not require web designers or developers. WordPress puts you in the driver seat.


WordPress is completely FREE. Host it on your own domain without having to pay any software license fees. No fees for upgrades.

Fully Customizable Design

The look, feel, and design change of the site can be customized to your brand and provide a unique experience to your visitors.

Blog and Plugins

Blog is built-in. 1000's of free plugins available: calendars, stores, galleries, social media, SEO, tracking, widgets and more.

Multi User Management

Set-up multiple user roles and assign access levels and capabilities to each user. WordPress is an open source platform.

Migrate Your Website from WiX to WordPress

WiX is a great platform with some major flaws. When you need more than just easy to manage design WordPress provides a new level of Customization, Search Engine Readiness, Security, and User Friendliness. WordPress offers plugins built by developers, unlike WiX which is not open source with limited options. WordPress is browser-based which effectively recognizes devices your website is viewed with and serves the best version suitable for the screen size. Search Engine Optimization options in WordPress are superior in compare to WiX rigid architecture.

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Migrate Your Website from Drupal to WordPress

When comparing Drupal CMS to WordPress, WordPress beats it in many merits. The main advantages of WordPress are SEO capabilities, design, development, management features and endless scalability possibilities. While Drupal’s biggest advantage is security, that may not be a playing card in majority of business applications.

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Migrate Your Website from HTML to WordPress

HTML is the mother of all programming languages on the Internet, but by itself, it cannot be a web-based application to manage the website and its structure. Programming knowledge is required to make any simple modification to the website whether its changing text or image. Moreover, any interactions such as online stores, database connectivity, dynamic galleries and other must-have features either not possible or time-consuming and bulky to develop.

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Migrate Your Website from Weebly to WordPress

Weebly platform designed for users with literally no knowledge in website design or coding. It’s intuitive drag and drop interface is very plausible for someone getting into blogging or creating a personal page. However, when it comes to a business website it’s main advantage is clouded by the architecture. It is a closed platform similar to Wix where users work in the controlled and managed environment. Websites developed on Weebly and Wix are not movable. In other words they can only exist on these platforms. SEO abilities and indexing by Search Engine remains problematic in such controlled environments.

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Migrate Your Website from GoDaddy to WordPress

If your website consists of two-three pages and you are not planning to get into Search Engine Results with your services or products as keywords, GoDaddy Site Builder could be your safe choice. Easy to use interface within your account dashboard makes it a plausible solution to get up a “onepager” and maintain it. But in the real world, where an average business website has many pages with products, services, catalogs, project galleries, user registration and many other types of functionality any site builder such as GoDaddy’s unable to fulfill this demand.

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WordPress Migration: How Much Does it Cost? Typical Examples

Migration of your site you may require content, design, structure and other new features to be implemented. Moreover, our WP conversion services include initial on-page optimization such as titles, meta, headings, seo friendly page names, redirects, nofollow tags, speed optimization, tracking tool setup, sitemaps, 404s, dead link check among many other factors that will affect your website performance and user experience. Please see below most common types of WordPress conversions and costs associated:

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